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What got me into the digital creative world was my passion for video production. I picked up a camera in 2012 as a high school student and fell in love with the access that I could provide others through what I captured on camera. 

I have done videography work for Millbrook's Men's Basketball program since 2012, and the Carolina Mudcats since 2016. I have shot freelance video for featuring highlights from various sporting events such as high school football, volleyball and soccer.

As Manager of Multimedia for the Mudcats, I oversaw all aspects of the organization's video production including the maintenance and creation of content to display on the stadium's 70x34' LED video board in left field. The production department also staffed over two dozen part-time employees to help with the operation of in-stadium entertainment and the Mudcats' HD live broadcasts for all 70 home games. I was in charge of hiring, training and managing all of those employees.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I was able to produce two feature series for the Carolina Mudcats including "Learn From The Pros", a seven-week series that helped connect former players with the fan base through interactive in-home training tips during quarantine.

In July of 2020, I fully dipped my toe into long-form story telling with an hour long documentary featuring footage that I captured during the 2019-20 Millbrook HS Basketball season. The documentary aired live simultaneously through social streaming services on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

My preferred editing program is Adobe Premiere Pro, but I have extensive experience operating both Final Cut Pro X and 7.

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